What is misogyny but an ocean of hatred formed from trillions of drops sexism?


Dumpster to Dinner Plate is an exploration of one North Melbourne household’s efforts to live sustainably. This short documentary raises the question: “Why have we chosen to make taboo something that is so fundamentally good for society?”


The Women’s Health and Fitness Summit was held for the first time in 2014. It was conceptualised when founder, Michelle Wright, became frustrated at the lack of space dedicated to female health and fitness issues, and the absence of female voices in Fitness Australia. The overall mood on the day of the summit was summed up by one woman who was attending: “We’ve found our tribe!”


“With our eyes wide open we walk the plank…” This multimedia music video sets a documentary-style narrative to ‘Eyes Wide Open’ by Gotye. It explores the hypothetical scenario of the last human on earth. The video is set in outer Melbourne along the banks of the Merri Creek. All of the props, costumes and detritus used in this video were found on location, dumped beside the creek. Actor: Benjamin Cook.


A drawing of an egg transforms into an origami paper crane and flies away, through the magic of stop motion.

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